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Selectors are functions which allow accessing any relevant information stored in the state. They are helpful, especially because redux-rest-easy state is generated and managed by the library itself.
There are 3 types of selectors :
  • linked to a request: helpful to map a component to the payload of a specific request
  • linked to a resource: helpful to map a component to a whole resource
  • linked to a resource Id: helpful to map a component to a single item
And for each type, here is a sneak peek of what information you can access:
  • the payload of the request/resource/resourceId
  • could we perform on the request/resource/Id
  • are we performing on the request/resource/Id
  • has the request/resource/Id succeeded
  • has the request/resource/Id failed
For a complete documentation on selectors, see the selectors documentation.
Last modified 5yr ago